York university job postings non academic writing

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Education with Integrity

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The Real Life of a Tenure Track Faculty Person (A Guest Post)

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The first step in beginning your non-academic career journey is to assess your interests, skills, strengths, goals, values, and self to better understand your story, as you connect with employers and opportunities of interest.

The successful completion of credits of university-level study, with a minimum cumulative GPA of The completion of specific courses within the required credits listed in the Curriculum Overview Charts section of the Undergraduate Academic Handbook. Costs and Financial Aid Tuition & Expenses.


Tuition, including university fees, for the Tax LL.M. or International Tax LL.M. Graduate Tax Programs for the academic year is $21, for Florida residents and $37, for non-residents. York University is committed to employment equity and diversity and a positive and supportive environment.

York University offers accommodation for applicants with disabilities in its recruitment processes. The Stevens Career Center is committed to providing a successful process that meets your organization’s recruitment needs.

We provide various programs and services specifically designed to help you find the right candidates for your organization.

Information about remediation of Fall/Winter and Winter courses is available on the Labour Information website.

York university job postings non academic writing
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York University Non-Academic Application Form