Academic writing and coaching

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J. B. Barker-Nunn & Associates

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J. B. Barker-Nunn & Associates

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Need help with a qualitative research or writing project? Work with an experienced and successful higher education professional who is dedicated to helping you succeed! I am Dorothy J.

Della Noce, J.D., Ph.D., an award-winning educator and now, The Academic Writing Coach. I have taught in both face-to-face and online settings and at all levels of the university, including the.

Earn your bachelor or master's degree at Indiana University East. IU East offers a comprehensive, accredited higher education learning experience. Summary: The Writing Lab is open to any currently enrolled LSC student on any writing-centered project.

Our professional, experienced writing coaches also provide help with resumes, scholarship and transfer applications, and even writing emails.

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Professional editing and coaching services for the distinctive needs of academic writers J. B. Barker-Nunn & Associates was founded in to help scholarly writers—at any stage in their careers and in the writing process — increase their productivity, improve their writing.

Take advantage of academic support services including tutoring, workshops, academic coaching, writing help, and more to enhance learning. She retired from teaching inand now devotes her time exclusively to academic coaching and editing.

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Dr. Della Noce is an accomplished researcher, writer, and editor. For her own research and writing, she favors applied communication subjects and qualitative research methods.

Academic writing and coaching
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Academic Writing Consultants: Editing, Coaching, Faculty Development